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Our founder was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and quickly realized the traditional western options for pain and nausea didn't provide adequate relief. Switching to cannabis helped her eased the pain, fought the nausea and provided restorative sleep. 

Our formula includes 1.65mg of THC, with additional cannabinoids. To pay it forward to others struggling with cancer, we donate 10% of profits to breast cancer research.

To use, place one half of the dropper under your tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow.  A higher dose may be needed, depending on your individual metabolism. This formula contains 1.65mg THC per serving so we recommend not using heavy machinery. A dose typically lasts 4 -6 hours.

Ingredients: 1500mg Whole Hemp Extract 500mg CBGA 500mg CBDA 500mg CBC - Limonene Myrcene Pinene -1% each 50mg THC natural cinnamon flavor. Vegan.

This product is not FDA approved and does not claim to treat/diagnose any medical conditions. The effects of this product are the same across individuals and it is recommended you use the lowest effective dose. Always consult a physician prior to starting any supplement. 
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